Manager of Kyiv
Yulia Bevzenko

Manager of Kyiv
Yulia Bevzenko

About me

Hello! My name is Yulia Bevzenko and I'm the manager of Kyiv.

I have a great passion for the city and would love to share my knowledge of traditional Kyiv as well as the secret parts of the city in a light hearted and friendly way. I make sightseeing informative, interesting, fun and entertaining for first time visitors or regular tourists and groups. I like to show my guests the secret Kyiv, the local Kyiv, the trendy Kyiv, the unusual facts of our famous landmarks and the best parts of my beautiful city.

I am an experienced Tour Guide titled "the best guide of Kyiv" in 2017, "ambassador of Kyiv" in 2018 and also the author of new Kyiv tourist project "Shukai" (Search) which presents in mini-sculptures around Kiev city center all main symbols of Kyiv.

Walking around Kyivwith me is deeply recommended by for Kyiv's guests to get first impression of the Ukrainian capital.

I am doing what I love

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